My principal contribution to business is the experience of having completed the process of building markets or companies (private and public) successfully many times in a wide variety of contexts and markets.  My primary skills are in Strategy Formulation, Negotiation, Operational Problem Solving, Governance and Compliance.

Over 20 years experience in commercialising various forms of innovation for a variety of primarily New Zealand based technology companies and government agencies. I have founded as CEO, grown and successfully exited four New Zealand based technology companies. Of those two were sold privately in New Zealand, one was listed in the US on NASDAQ and one was publicly listed in New Zealand.

I am principally involved as a Director of businesses wishing to expand rapidly and profitably internationally. I have public company experience in businesses listed on New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States public markets. I have experience of acquiring and divesting subsidiaries of public or major private companies.

I have completed around twenty international projects including establishing joint venture companies along with negotiating and concluding licensing or manufacture under license agreements in principally the United Kingdom, United Sates, Australia, Canada and some other markets.

I have also had experience in negotiating resolutions to major commercial disputes between public and private companies and government agencies without resorting to litigation.